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Late Dr. Vishwas K J Sav

Dr. Vishwas K. J. Sav worked for decades to convert liquid metal Mercury (PARAD) into solidified mercury and achieved success in the year 1989, through his excellent knowledge on ayurveda.

The most important fact till date that most of the people miss about Parad Shivling is the fact that we can find the importance aspect of Parad Shivling or supremacy of Parad Shivling mentioned in majority of ancient mythological & Spiritual scriptures but the actual process of Handcrafting and Solidifying Purified metal Mercury is not mentioned anywhere and hence Dr Sav spent more then a decade in research on the topic of Solidified Parad and ultimately succeeded in the year 1988-1989.

Late Dr. Vishwas K. J. Sav (Founder of Navjeevan Arogyadham)
Late Dr. Vishwas K. J. Sav (Founder of Navjeevan Arogyadham, who worked for decades to convert liquid metal Mercury (PARAD) into solidified pure mercury achieved success in the year 1989, through his excellent knowledge on ayurveda (herbal and metallic medicines) solidified mercury with the help of various herbal medicines and sanskaras on mercury formed Parad Shivling which is Yantrasiddha and Pranpratishthayukta.

Dr. Jayesh Vishwas Sav, S/O Late Dr. Vishwas Sav (His views and opinions)
Dr. Sav discovered solidifying mercury in the year 1989, I was too young to understand its importance, it was only in my teenage years when I realised the importance of Parad Shivling in life. I consider myself blessed to learn the Art (Siddhi) of making purified Parad Shivling and spreading good fortune to people coming from distant places and from all walks of life. In my opinion, Parad Shivling is a spiritual creation through which people from all religion can benefit.

People from different caste,religion,belief & nationalities like to have positive energy in their respective home,office (Vastu) and possess spiritual stones, gems etc which would bring them good luck, fortune and protection from various negative energies. For example Fengshui which originated from China & considered as a lucky charm in chinese tradition. Also Tortoise, Good luck plant, Paintings etc are believed & practised universally irrespective from where they originate.Hence i would like to reach out to everyone on this platform so that every individual can experience positive energy through Parad Shivling.

Parad creations are available in the form of Mercury Shivling (worshipped in Temple), Beads(could be worn in the form of earrings,pendants,finger-rings,meditation beads,lockets or in any customized shape, size as per the requirement).

Parad Shivling
In modern times purified mercury shivling can be considered as good as a miracle, best form of sadhna, and a wonderful path to obtain success. Everyone uses ornaments of Gold, Silver, Diamond. These ornaments have their own importance and effects on human body. But mercury which we know is in liquid form, now due to Dr. Sav decades of hard work, we have mercury in solid form which is not as costly as other expensive metals but has immense value in life and useful in curing many physical and psychological disorders. Hence parad shivling is also reverred as Ellixir or Philosophers Stones by many.

Method of Positioning Parad Shivling In Temple (Pran Pratishtha)
Selection of a proper Shubh Muhurat according to the Brahmin, and meditation (Jaap) hymns of Sanjivni Mudra, leads to increase in its potency, properties and aura, divine powers and thus acts as a protective shell from various ill factors present in the surroundings (Vastu).

Practical usability of mercury stone (Parad Gutika/Rasamani)
Due to constant touch with the body when used in the form of locket (Pendant), it leads to proper blood circulation (corrects improper flow) and hence diseases due to impure blood or lack of proper blood supply,(skin diseases) never occur in a person using locket of pure parad.

If mercury gutika is mixed with Cowdung and kept amongst food grains it prevents food grains from decaying.

When Parad Shivling is worshipped in the form of Abhishek i.e. Milk is poured on the tip of Parad Shivling continuously with chanting of Holy Mantras, the milk which is collected at the bottom around Shivling when consumed in the form of Prasad (Holy Nectar), helps as a remedy for various physical and psychological disorders.

Thus in ancient times Parad Shivling used to be worshipped only by the kings, as worshipping it used to be very complicated and an expensive procedure, which used to give them inspiration and courage to win over kingdoms and to affirm prestigious status in society.

Articles on Parad Shivling

www.paradshivling.in is not a commercial HUB to see range of SPIRITUAL PRODUCTS along with PARAD SHIVLING

We at Navjeevan Arogyadham since 1989 precisely specialise in the making of Purified & Solidified Handcrafted Parad Shivling. We do not have Branches anywhere in Mumbai or India. We have our centre established in the name of Navjeevan Arogyadham located Behind Police Station in Bhayander West, Thane since 1966. Hence any individual who is interested to know more about Parad Shivling can contact us for all their queries and can also visit our place with prior appointment and see the Parad creations Personally and Physically in front of themselves before coming to conclusion and making a choice. Also we do not categorise range of Parad Creations in categories like a+ or b+ and differentiate them in terms of their pricing based on inferior or superiour quality. Parad Shivling made by us irrespective of the size or form passes through the same making procedure and hence there is no categorisation in terms of quality and its pricing. Also kindly note that we do not sell our exclusive handcrafted Parad Creations on any commercial e-commerce websites.

www.paradshivling.in serves online as well as offline...

We at Navjeevan Arogyadham (Since 1966) personally welcome all those individuals who want to know more and understand the minute details regarding Purified Parad Shivling. As according to Late Dr. Vishwas Sav who first started making Parad Shivling in the year 1989, termed the procedure of creating Parad Shivling as "Rasa Siddhi", because one of the most important aspects of Parad Shivling is mentioned in majority of ancient Mythological and Spiritual Scriptures but the exact process of Purifying and then later Solidifying Metal Mercury and giving it a Form or a Shape with hand by taking vital parametres into consideration like Kaal, Tithi, Muhurat, Mantropcharan and Chougadiya is not mentioned anywhere. And hence Parad Shivling made by us is distinct not only in terms of its form or appearance but also in terms of its Metallic content, Spiritual Aura and Vibrations. Since 1989 our aim has not just been to sell our Parad Articles but also to educate people on this topic and eradicate various Myths, Confusion, Misconception and spread the True light regarding the different aspects of Rare Purified and Solidified Parad Shivling via our 5 decades old Institution and also via our website http://www.paradshivling.in

Does a Purified and Solidified Parad Shivling have a SHELF LIFE ??

Recently one of the most popular myth regarding Parad Shivling is that it has a SHELF LIFE. According to our experience, this is a absolute false. A Purified and Solidified Parad Lingam can last a entire lifetime even after performing continous Abhishekam with Water, Panchamrita, Honey, Sugarcane Juice, Lemon Juice and Milk. This scare of Shelf Life is spread amongst people as Parad Shivling served globally contains mixture of Poisonous Metal Mercury along with Toxic Silver and Lead Metal that starts to disintegrate in Size and Shape when Abhishek is performed with Natural Liquid Medium . Hence to justify this theory of Disintegration of Parad Shivlingam in terms of its weight, size or form, the theory of SHELF LIFE is explained to the masses.

Meaning of Parad Shivling

Parad - Metal Mercury
Shiv - Lord Shiva
Ling - Genitalia

As Parad Shivling clearly mentions only the Linga part of Parad (As mythologically Metal Mercury is considered to be the Beej of Lord Shiva). We distinctly specialise only in the making of Linga part of Purified Metal Parad which is completely Handmade since 1989. Hence kindly do not misunderstand Parad Shivling made of Metal Silver and Mercury.

Why one should buy Parad Shivling from Navjeevan Arogyadham?(http://www.paradshivling.in)

1. As the most important & neglected concept of Purifying Metal Mercury is not taken into consideration by most of the institutions making Parad Shivling due to the tedious & rare nature of the procedure and also because of its Spiritual aspect. We at Navjeevan Arogydham first and foremost purify the poisonous Metal Mercury thoroughly and only then move forward in the process of making Parad Shivling as we strongly believe that even 0.1% poisonous content in Parad Shivling will make it totally unfit for Worshipping purpose.

2. 0% usage of Poisonous metals like Lead, Silver, Tin, Zinc and Mica. This metals are most commonly used universally to solidify metal Mercury and to form a Parad Shivling. As a result devotees of Lord Shiva are restrained to perform Abhishek on such Parad Shivling (which is the most important form of Pooja of Lord Shiva), as such Parad Shivling which is made by amalgamation of various poisonous metals start emitting its metallic particles in the Abhishek mixture and also simultaneously start disintegrating or shrinking in its shape, size and weight.

3. Parad Shivling made by us is totally Handmade as compared to the Parad Shivling made by metallic Dye, Cast or Machine where the Yoni and the Linga are attached to one another.

Real facts behind so called Original Parad Shivling vidoes circulating on the Internet

As per Spiritual and Mythological Scriptures, it is strongly beleived that if a Purified Parad Shivling is established in the Vastu (House or Office), its main aim is to act as a Protective Shell or a layer against various forms of Negative or Evil energies, Graha Doshas and Vastu Doshas by absorbing the negativity. In the entire process due to absorption of negative energy, Purified and Genuine Parad Shivling tend to change its colour. The colour changes may vary from Green, Blue,Purple, Grey, Black, Brown, Yellow and Golden. Now these colour changes in a Genuine Parad Shivling occurs right inside the temple of the house or office without subjecting it to sunlight or by dipping it inside the water. As far as our experience of more then 3 decades. Also when such facts are wrongly presented before the masses, it is our strong view that just do not go by this notion of Golden colour when dipped in water in front of the sunlight but also ask for the History of the Institution, Metallic Content, its make (whether handmade or machine made) and also request for a personal visit where one can personally and physically analyse the minute detailing of a Parad Shivling and then make your readings about a Genuine Parad Shivling.

Simple tests to determine the Genuinity or Purity of Parad Shivling and other Parad articles.

1. Hold Parad Shivling in the hand & start writing on a white paper, if the Parad Shivling leaves a greyish black ink on the paper similar to that of a pencil, it is a clear indication of Poisonous Metal Lead content in the Parad Shivling.

2. When Parad Shivling surface is rubbed with finger tips or with white cotton cloth, it leaves Shiny Silver, Blackish, Moist residue behind on the finger tips which indicates presence of Poisonous Silver, Lead, Tin metal mixture usage in the Parad Shivling.

3. When Abhishekam is performed on such Parad Shivling with water or milk, it starts to emit its metallic particles in the Abhishek mixture thereby shrinking in size and weight.

4. Many a times with bigger and heavier Parad Shivling, when they are turned upside down liquid droplets of Liquid mercury metal start oozing out from the tip of Parad Shivling, signifying zero processing or Sanskar on Parad metal.

5. Also note that a Purified and a Solidified Parad Shivling will weigh more even in smaller forms and not be light in weight in bigger dimensions. A small example is a 50 grams Parad Shivling made by us is just 1 inch in height and approximately 1 inch in thickness.

Original Genuine Customised Parad Shivling

In current scenario we would like to bring to the notice of people who are in search of Genuine Original Parad Shivling is that a Genuine Customised Parad Shivling is not the Parad Shivling where a person or a Institution who makes a Parad Shivling customises or compromises with the procedure of making a Parad Shivling with specific regards to addition of precious metals like Gold, Platinum or Gemstones like Diamonds or Navratnas in order to manipulate the price or cost of Parad Shivling or demands additional price for the Parad Shivling in terms of ENERGISING it or categorises the price of Parad Shivling in terms of quality as a+ or b+. We firmly believe that a Original Genuine Purified Handmade Parad Shivling cannot be categorised in terms of its quality neither can be energised seperately by charging extra amount nor the actual process can be compromised on demand from the client where addition of various precious metals or gemstones is done during the process of making a Genuine Original Purified and Solidified Handmade Parad Shivling.


As the main form of worshipping of a Shivlinga is in the form of Abhishekam (pouring of natural liquid like water, milk, panchamrita, Honey, Lemon Juice, sugarcane juice). The same rule applies to a Purified and Solidified Siddha Parad Shivling. And we do clarify that one can worship Parad Shivling served by us 24 hours a day / 7 Days a week as it is Properly Purified and then Soldified as the procedure mentioned by Dr.Vishwas Sav in the year 1989. This is the most important point that people need to understand while selecting a Parad Shivling for their house or office (VASTU) as most of the Online platforms or other Centres selling so called SIDDHA PARAD SHIVLING bluntly advise clients not to pour any form of liquid on the Shivlinga or a few advocate that it should be worshipped in the form of ABHISHEKAM only once a week. The precise reason for such rediculous restriction is because of the inferiour quality of the Parad Shivling in which Parad or Mercury is hardly present in terms of concentration, that too in poisonous state along with various Other Toxic metals like SILVER, LEAD, MICA, TIN, ZINC etc , which leads to SHRINKING OF SHIVLING SIZE by emitting poisonous metallic particles in the ABHISHEK MIXTURE which can never be called as SIDDHA / ABHIMANTRIT / ENERGISED / GENUINE / ORIGINAL PARAD SHIVLING by any stretch of imagination.


We would like to enlighten readers about this new theory which is being doing the rounds on the internet which is Parad Shivlinga made with the combinations of Precious Gemstones like RUBY,DIAMOND,EMERALD also-Precious Metals like Gold & Silver, along with Minerals like SULPHUR, MICA.The meaning of the term PARAD SHIVLING is simply SHIVLINGA made from Purified Metal Mercury or Parad. As we have reiterated in the past & are reiterating again that the actual process of making a Purified & Solidified Handcrafted Parad Shivlinga is known to only a few individuals globally, theories such as creation of Parad Shivlinga with the addition of PRECIOUS METAL,MINERALS OR GEMSTONES is nothing but a agenda to confuse people by diverting the actual meaning and creation of Parad Shivling. We request people when they come across such topics kindly question about the metallergical content of such so called Parad Shivlinga & also ask the exact ratio of each mineral,precious gemstones & precious metals along with metal Parad Ratio & PURITY as per the metallergical analysis of such Parad Shivling. If possible also do enquire regarding the Spiritual References of such combination of Parad Shivlings found anywhere in Mythological Scriptures or Texts to gain maximum clarity on the subject which will always be a enlightenment for the people who want to know more about the "SCIENCE OF PARAD SHIVLING".


According to ancient Mythological & Spiritual scriptures metal mercury or Parad is considered to be the Beej of Lord Shiva, hence this metal has a special significance related to Spiritual powers and absorption of various forms of Negative Energy. Lord Shiva is worshipped mainly in the form of Linga, hence the proximity between the Beeja and the Linga makes it even more Special .Metal mercury or Parad is also the only metal in the universe scientifically which is Taral or in liquified or Highyl Chanchal (Mobile) state at room temperature along with being Poisonous in nature. Hence only when Parad is Purified thoroughly with Herbs and then subjected to the process of Solidification by taking numerous vital parametres into consideration and then Stabilised and given a form by Hand and created as a Shivling is considered the Best and the Rarest form of Shivling existing in the universe for the purpose of Worshipping and performing Abhisheka.

What does Original Abhimantrit Parad Shivling or Energised Parad Shivling mean?

According to our experience of nearly 3 decades Abhimantrit Parad Shivling or Energised Parad Shivling means that during the making of Parad Shivlinga or Parad Gutika, when vital parameters like Kaal, Tithi, Muhurat, Mantropcharan, Chougadhiya (which means Auspicious Day / Date/ Time/ Chanting of Sacred Mantras) along with other code of conduct are taken into consideration right from the time of buying metal mercury to the last step of completing the creation of Parad Shivling or Parad Gutika by hand is considered as Abhmantrit or Energised Parad Shivlinga. So its a conscious effort from our side to clarify such concepts according to our understanding about the topic of Parad Shivling so that people do not get confused by these terms used on the Internet platform and rather have a clarity with simplicity. We have constantly strived hard to serve our patrons globally with all the honesty and clarity.