Properties of Mercury (Para)

Synonyms of Mercury (Para):


Rasa, Rasendra, Suta, Chapal, Rasraj Simal, Jeev, Jivak, mercury .apart from these synonyms all other names denoted with respect to Lord Shiva are also used as its synonyms. According to scientific aspect mercury is known as atomic energy (Atom), according to Ayurvedic philosophy mercury is considered to be the most important drug with respect to treatment.

Potency of each metal according to Ayurvedic texts


Copper-32 Gunas, Kanta-Loha (Iron) 64, Silver-80, Gold-100, Diamond & Abhrak (Mica) 1000, Para (Mercury)- 100 crores



Mercury can be used for treatment of all diseases. Because of mercury one can attain good health and strong body.



If mercury is purified appropriately then it can be used for treatment of all disease and it also delays ageing process



Properly purified and solidified mercury helps for treatment of all diseases, if it is converted into Gutika form (Pill) it leads to Mukti (Salvation), in Mrut (Powder Form), Bhasma consumption leads to longetivity of life that is the reason mercury is considered as the best medicine.

Mercury is considered as one of the best and important metal. Although mercury is extremely mobile, instable , even then it has some special properties, that is the reason why ancient Ayurvedic Aacharya's have termed mercury as "Pran" i.e. Life or "Aaatma" i.e. soul (Properties of mercury).

Gati's of Mercury: Gati means the process through which Para is lost, there are in total 5 Gatis of Mercury namely:


Above mentioned Gatis even if they are stopped even then Para gets disappeared. It is because of these Gatis that Para helps in the treatment of bodily diseases and thereby gives new life to an individual. Thus it is also denoted as "Jeev". Out of the 5 Gatis of mercury we can practically observe 1st four Gatis of mercury but not the 5th (Adrushya Gati) which is also denoted as Daivik Gati, spiritual procedures like Sidhha Mantra, Dhyan (meditation), Yoga, can stop these Gati just as the soul leaves a human body.

Physical Observations

The amount of the foreign metal in the mercury alloy with the added material (The Amalgum) was approximately calculated from the measurement of the density of the Amalgum. The density (as you know) is the ration of the mass to its volume.

Mass of the sample Alloy (Amalgum 130. 100gm., supplied

Volume of the sample Alloy 10ml

The density of the Amalgum was found to be 13.01

Considering the density of the metal mercury to be 13.55 (as seen from the literature), it appears that the impure metal is present to the extent of less than 1% (very little amount). No estimate of the good, if any, present in the sample can be done by the usual goldsmith method (i.e. employing the goldsmith stone) normally employed in such an examination.

It can be noted that densities of various metals are follows: (Ref. Chemical dictionary)

Mercury: 13.55, Lead: 11.34, Silver: 10.50, Gold: 19.30

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