Importance of Parad Bead Japa Mala/ Parad Bead Rosary for Meditation

According to ancient texts and literature available for Mercury Metal (Parad Dhatu), apart from being the only metal in the universe to exist in liquid state at room temperature and possessing highest density, Parad Dhatu also possesses the vital property of mobility i.e.(Chanchalatva), hence its resemblance is directly proportional to human mind, which too fluctuates constantly and is mobile leading to various instabilities in decision making capacity which affects an individual Mentally, Physically, Financially and Intellectually in personal life.

Hence it is assumed that when such Parad Dhatu is properly purified (i.e. 100 % purified with respect to various Sanskaras) and then subjected to the procedure of Solidification, thereby losing its actual natural property of mobility and attaining a solid stable state,thus when such solid stable Parad Dhatu is transformed in the form of Parad Bead Meditation Mala/ Parad Rosary , it helps to stabilize human mind and get rid of its constant fluctuation via meditation thereby enhancing the sound state of mind.

  • Available sizes for Parad Japa Mala / Parad Rosary from are:
    • 27 Bead Parad Japa Mala/Parad Rosary weighing approximately 135 + 10 Gram for Meru Bead.
    • 54 Bead Parad Japa Mala/Parad Rosary weighing approximately 270 + 10 Gram for Meru Bead.
    • 108 Bead Parad Japa Mala/Parad Rosary weighing approximately 540 + 10 Gram for Meru Bead.

Importance of Parad Gutika / Parad Locket / Parad Taviz

Just as Parad Shivling is considered to act as a protective shell from various negative energy in the atmosphere at home, office or factory, Parad Gutika when worn on the body acts as a protective shell for the body which protects human beings from various physical ailments, mental stress and evil vibes. Parad Gutika in the form of taviz is highly recommended as Metal Mercury is considered to be the best form of metal to bring about Physical, Psychological, Spiritual and Intellectual change in human body. Parad Gutika /Parad Locket/Parad Taviz made from Navjeevan Arogyadham is encapsulated with 2 pure silver caps on both the ends thus it can be worn comfortably on the body in the form of pendant, on the waist or on the arms as per convenience and requirement of an individual. Parad Gutika can be worn according to the bodily needs. For example a person suffering from Chest Diseases like Asthama,Heart Diseases, Blood Pressure is advised to wear Parad Locket around the neck. Incase of various stomach disorders it is advisable to be worn around the waist, incase of external evil vibes it is advised to be worn on the arms or around the neck in black thread.

Available sizes for Parad Gutika/Parad Locket/Parad Taviz starts from 10 Grams upto 50 Grams.

Parad Shivling

Parad Shiv Ling Available in different Sizes and for the different purposes.


We can customize any kind or form of Purified and Solidified Parad Object. For details contact us.

1. Parad Shivling is brittle.
2. Avoid contact with Gold Ornaments as it is in pure live form.

"Parad shivling when worshipped with proper procedure, belief, and enthusiasm helps people physically, spiritually, and psychologically. Also protects people from natural calamities, disaster, external evil effects. Some of the reference in the ancient texts of ayurveda and mythological origins which justifies this belief. Get more information on Importance of the Parad Shivling"

Parad Shivling Book

Parad ShivLing BookBook published with complete details on Parad Shivling from Navjeevan Arogyadham in Hindi & Marathi languages.

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