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Parad Shivling

Parad Shiv Ling Available in different Sizes and for the different purposes.


We can customize any kind or form of Purified and Solidified Parad Object. For details contact us.

1. Parad Shivling is brittle.
2. Avoid contact with Gold Ornaments as it is in pure live form.


Note: Customised form of pure solidified mercury can be made as per the requirement in any shapes, size and weight. Duration of delivery and price may vary.

Contact us for more details.

"Parad shivling when worshipped with proper procedure, belief, and enthusiasm helps people physically, spiritually, and psychologically. Also protects people from natural calamities, disaster, external evil effects. Some of the reference in the ancient texts of ayurveda and mythological origins which justifies this belief. Get more information on Importance of the Parad Shivling"

Parad Shivling Book

Parad ShivLing BookBook published with complete details on Parad Shivling from Navjeevan Arogyadham in Hindi & Marathi languages.

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