About Parad Shivling

About Parad Shivling

Late Dr. Vishwas K J Sav

dr Vishwas K J SavDr Vishwas K Sav worked for decades to convert liquid metal(Mercury) into solidified mercury and achieved success in the year 1989, through his excellent knowledge on ayurveda …

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Late Dr. Vishwas K. J. Sav (Founder of Navjeevan Arogyadham)

Late Dr. Vishwas K. J. Sav (Founder of Navjeevan Arogyadham, who worked for decades to convert liquid metal(Mercury) into solidified pure mercury achieved success in the year 1989, through his excelent knowledge on ayurveda (herbal and metallic medicines) solidified mercury with the help of various herbal medicines and sanskars on mercury formed Parad Shivling which is Yantrasiddha and Pranpratishthayukta.

Dr. Jayesh Vishwas Sav, S/O Late Dr. Vishwas Sav (His views and opinions)

As Dr. Sav discovered solidifying mercury in the year 1989, I was too young to understand its importance, it was only in my early teens when I realised the importance of Parad Shivling in life. I consider myself blessed to learn the Art (Siddhi) of making purified Parad Shivling and spreading good fortune to people coming from distant places from all walks of life. My personal opinion goes out to the people who have this apprehension that Parad Shivling is a spiritual product which can only be used by people belonging to Hindu Religion.

In modern times where there is no barrier between castes , religion, categories of people belonging not only to different parts of India but to different nationalities, where each individual according to one's own limitation always attempts of place something in house/office which would give positive energy, or wear some spiritual stones, gems etc which would bring positive vibes, good luck/ fortune, keep pleasant atmosphere and also ultimately act as a protective shell from all evil forces. Some of the examples which are practised are Fengshui (which originated in china and considered as a good luck charm in Chinese tradition), good luck tree, tortoises, and paintings. These trends irrespective from where it originates, or from which category/caste it is believed, is practised worldwide by people not only in India belonging to various caste but universally.

Thus through this medium I m taking these opportunity to reach to larger masses belonging to various nationalities, castes, religion that could experience positive energy/vibes/aura/effect of Parad Shivling which was created by Dr. Sav, in the form of Mercury Shivling (worshipped in Temple), Beads (could be worn in the form of ear rings, pendants, finger rings, meditation beads, lockets or in the form of any customized form, shape, size to suit ones need.

Parad Shivling

In modern times purified mercury shivling can be considered as good as a miracle, best form of sadhna, and a wonderful path to obtain success.

Everyone uses ornaments of Gold, Silver, Diamond. These ornaments have their own importance and effects on human body. But mercury which we know is in liquid form, now due to Dr. Sav decades of hard work, we have mercury in solid form which is not as costly as other expensive metals but has immense value in life and useful in curing many physical and psychological diseases.

Method of Positioning Parad Shivling In Temple (Pran Pratishtha)

Selection of a proper Shubh Muhurat according to the Brahmin, and meditation (Jaap) hymns of Sanjivni Mudra, Leads to increase in its potency, properties and aura, divine powers and thus acts as a protective shell from various ill factors present in the surroundings.

Practical usability of mercury stone

Due to constant touch with the body when used in the form of locket (tavvez), it leads to proper blood circulation( corrects improper flow) and hence diseases due to impure blood or lack of proper blood supply , skin diseases, never occur in a person using locket of pure para.

If Mercury Shivling, Locket, Beeds is immersed in water, milk overnight and then consumed the other day by ages of all group, leads to cure of various stomach disorders.

It is also used for treatment of mental disorders, where it acts in a positive way even when it is just worn on the body.

If mercury shivling is mixed with Cowdung and kept amongst Food grains it prevents Food grains from decaying.

When Parad Shivling is worshipped in the form of Abhishek i.e. Milk is poured on the tip of Parad Shivling continuously with chanting of Holy Mantras, the milk which is collected at the bottom around Shivling when consumed in the form of Prasad (Holy Nectar), helps in the treatment of various physical and psychological disorders.

Thus in ancient times Parad Shivling used to be worshipped only by the kings as worshipping it used to be very complicated and an expensive procedure, which used to give them inspiration and courage to win over kingdoms and to affirm prestigious status in society.

Parad Shivling

Parad Shiv Ling Available in different Sizes and for the different purposes.


We can customize any kind or form of Purified and Solidified Parad Object. For details contact us.

1. Parad Shivling is brittle.
2. Avoid contact with Gold Ornaments as it is in pure live form.

"Parad shivling when worshipped with proper procedure, belief, and enthusiasm helps people physically, spiritually, and psychologically. Also protects people from natural calamities, disaster, external evil effects. Some of the reference in the ancient texts of ayurveda and mythological origins which justifies this belief. Get more information on Importance of the Parad Shivling"

Parad Shivling Book

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